Start Dates:

January 18

 April 10

July 5 July 10

 October 18, October 23

The course (36 Hours, 12 weeks) includes:


  1. Over 200 Movie Dictation Vocabulary examples
  2. Idioms Textbook (PDF 276 pages)
  3. 40 presentations with definitions, picture examples
  4. 40 sets of flashcards
  5. Vocabulary games
  6. Bacano Personal Notebook (PDF 33 pages) 
  7. Listening Quizzes
  8. Personal speaking feedback from teacher
  9. Pre/Post Test speaking scores
  10. 24 Dynamic Synchronous Virtual Classes (36 hours)
  11. Interactive “Voice Board” for asynchronous speaking
  12. Vocabulary quizzes
  13. Portfolio of student work
  14. Certificate of completion 

We use our Bacano Speaking Diagnostic (BSD) to obtain a speaking report.  We have taught a wide variety of professionals from all over the world which has perfected our unique speaking activities by adapting to each learner. Here you will have a place to shine and share your work. In addition to speaking, the special Movie Dictations will improve your listening and vocabulary in a dramatic way. Your experience watching movies will change after deepening your understanding of phrasal verbs and idiomatic expression. Bacano courses are also special because of the friendships that develop it a cultivated learning environment. It is great to work on something difficult together as a group in a cooperative way. If you want to improve your speaking, start with a free Bacano Speaking Test to know your exact level. See you in the speaking interview, all levels welcomed. 





Are people asking you to repeat yourself?
 Do you feel outcast because of your accent?
 Do you love studying English and always want to improve? 

Then Perfect Pronunciation is the course for you.

Start Dates:

 January 12

 April 12 

July 6

 October 19


This Course (36 Hours, 12 weeks) Includes: 


  • 6 CDs of audio program
  • Intense speech training and “makeover”
  • Pronunciation Textbook (available at local library or Amazon)
  • Presentations with definitions, picture examples
  • Faster speech due to training in linking
  • Games that make pronunciation practice fun and dynamic
  • Bacano Personal Notebook (PDF 33 pages) 
  • Personal feedback from teacher
  • Pre/Post Speaking Assessment
  • 24 Dynamic Synchronous Virtual Classes (36 hours)
  • Interactive “Voice Board” for asynchronous speaking
  • Pronunciation quizzes
  • Portfolio of student work – show off your skills!
  • An end to confusing conversations where people say, “what?!?” 
  • Increased confidence in vowels, consonants, linking, word stress, intonation, and thought groups
  • Certificate of completion

Bacano Languages uses the best methods to teach adults English pronunciation based on years of research. We have helped hundreds of students train their pronunciation skills by adapting the educational experience to each student’s level and style of learning. We have taught a wide variety of professionals and students from all over the world, which has perfected our unique teaching methods. Now we want to help YOU be more confident by understanding the rules of English pronunciation.
Imagine the impact on your social and professional life after taking our Perfect Pronunciation Course. The final goal of this course is confidence because you have a deep knowledge of English sounds. 






1. Are you thinking of traveling to a new country?

2. Do you need to take an exam like the TOEFL, IELTS, or CELPIP?

3. Do you want to train hard in order to get the best score possible?

BACANO Languages offers the best hands-on training available.  Unlike many courses that are merely videos to watch, BACANO Classes are dynamic training sessions with a professional teacher.  We start with a diagnostic to know your strengths and weaknesses, then we help you get the best score possible. That is how BACANO has helped 100s of students get the score they need.  You you master the format of the test, train with live simulations, and receive additional training and learner-specific recommendations. Visit the Contact Us page and leave your information or speak with us in the chat.

Courses starting March 2021



Bacano Languages works to be the best online language program in the world. Our online classes include the best modern teaching techniques developed by ProfeKevin.

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