Why Bacano Languages?


The number one factor in successful learning is a qualified teacher. With the best teachers learning is productive and fun.


Connecting virtually gives you access to the highest quality international education without the cost of traveling internationally.


Students make visible improvements to all areas of their speaking, vocabulary, and confidence. We monitor your progress.


The most important part of learning is guided instruction. You will get individual results and feedback.


Whether you are traveling, doing business, or taking examination you will open doors and have a brighter future.

What are the Levels of BACANO?

BACANO represents our 6 level system of speaking levels. By having clearly defined speaking levels, you will know what activities to do to advance to your ultimate goal: Advanced C1 level! 

Bacano Languages


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Each course can transform your life.


It’s going really well, the online class a great space. Since I’ve started taking classes I have started to notice a lot of the mistakes I was making. It has been good for me for listening, my listening has really improved.

Carlos Andres Manotas

Virtual experience. It fits perfectly with me because I am at work all day, so the comfortability of being in my own home at night or even on Saturdays is fantastic. What matters for me is the importance you give to the class and to the learning.

Ramon Berrocal 

Bacano is a great way to learn English because I can control my time. I don’t need to be in a specific place. I only need a wifi connection. This is important for people like me who work all day and are very busy.

Estela Coneo

It is a good strategy to focus on the students. The method has helped me practice speaking and listening while I read at the same time. It has been very nice to share experiences with others in a small group. We talk about topics in our lives, so our brains switch into English and we think in English.

Nelson Salazar

I like that all of the activities require to you to speak. Also, I can ask questions, I can get help with pronunciation and grammar. I like that I can share with other people and practice our speaking. In class we have conversations about different topics, and it is more real than in a conventional classroom.

Leidy Johana

It’s a new way for me, it’s very different from the other courses I have taken. I think it is an innovative way to learn. The classes have helped me with listening, speaking, and pronunciation. Last week my boss commented that my English is much better.

Diana Arteaga 

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Bacano Languages works to be the best online language program in the world. Our online classes include the best modern teaching techniques developed by ProfeKevin.
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